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make the BLUE SKY, with the GREEN ENERGY

Looking for Palm Kernel Shells for your biomass energy needs?

Look no further than PT. SINERGI KHARISMA YUDA. With a commitment to sustainability and years of experience in the industry, we are a trusted source of palm kernel shells for global markets. Our stockpile undergoes thorough quality control and inventory management, and on June 3rd 2023, we proudly received the prestigious Green Gold Label certification.We work closely with our customers to provide customized solutions that meet their exact specifications, with exceptional customer service and support from our team of experts. At PT. SINERGI KHARISMA YUDA, we are constantly exploring new ways to improve our operations and reduce our environmental impact.

PT. SINERGI KHARISMA YUDA is a Joint Venture (JV) established in 2021 by Hayashiroku Co.,Ltd. in Japan and The Sakura Green Ltd in Japan. Our close proximity to ports in Indonesia allows us to efficiently export high-quality palm kernel shells worldwide, ensuring a reliable and eco-friendly source of biomass energy. With a commitment to sustainability and Green Gold Label certification, our stockpiles undergo thorough quality control and inventory management. We prioritize customer satisfaction with competitive pricing, exceptional service.

We respond to ensure PKS with specifications you request.

Palm Kernel Shell refers to the shell after squeezing palm oil from the fruit of the oil palm. The abbreviation is PKS. PKS is used as a solid fuel for biomass power generation. PKS is a palm kernel shell that was previously regarded as a residue of agriculture, and imports are increasing because it can be used as a cheap fuel for renewable energy. Since it contains oil, it has a higher calorific value than ordinary wood. Being able to import it stably leads to the stable operation of power plants, so it is used in many biomass power plants.


About Where We Manage PKS

We have a stockpile of PKS in a location adjacent to Tj.Button in Riau, Indonesia, and have established a system for procurement, stockpiling, quality control, and shipping. We can stably supply PKS that meets sustainability standards to power plants. (Currently applying for third-party certification GGL)