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Palm Kernel Shell (PKS)
Palm Kernel Shell (PKS) refers to the residue (shell) produced in the process of producing palm oil from palm fresh fruit bunch. Due to its production process, PKS contains a small amount of palm oil residue and thus has a higher calorific value than other biomass fuels. Due to its characteristics, most of the fuel used in Japanese biomass power plants is PKS, which is highly expected. The PKS we procure is mainly in Riau, and has the ability to provide a stable supply of 10,000 MT per month with high quality by removing foreign substances with screening machine and controlling moisture.
Reason Why We Choose

Stable Supply System

We have multiple relationships with CPO mills, the source of PKS, and are able to stably supply 10,000 MT.

Quality Management

We thoroughly remove foreign matter and manage moisture, and regularly have a third-party organization analyze the ingredients.

Flexible Delivery

We have own stockpile. In addition, since we have formed a purchasing team, we can respond flexibly to orders.

Effort for PKS
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In recent years, as the trend toward a decarbonized society has grown, in the case of biomass generated from the harvest of agricultural products, the sustainability (legality) of biomass fuels, both main products and by-products, has been secured, and the Three-party authentication is required. On June 3, 2023, our company acquired GGL (Green Gold Label) certification, which is one of the third-party certifications for biomass fuel. GGL certification is one of the long-established sustainable biomass certifications established in 2002. An international certification that ensures the sustainability of all supply chains for biomass products, from manufacturing, processing, transportation, and final use.

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